Howelling Corona
is the culmination of over 35 years of selective breeding. The Howell family has been chasing the X-Factor large heart gene since the early seventies, after reading Marianna Hauns book the X-factor the farm has focused on obtaining breeding animals who carry at least 1 copy of the large heart gene. In the last 12 years two broodmares at the farm are double copy mares. Jaspers Dam (Bet the Angel) is a double copy mare.

(Picutred Above) Jaspers sire King Corona (full brother to Corona Cartel) has produced runners who have made over 3 million in money in 5 crops to race.

This stallion received his ROM in racing his first race with a SI of 86.........His SI now is 97. Jasper is 5-Panel Test Negative

Howelling Coronas pedigree is a who's who in both QH and TB racing lines, on the Dams side alone he traces 5 times to the Darley Arabian.....he also has the short back and longer underline one looks for in speed horses and passes these traits down to his female offspring. He is destined to be a broodmare sire since the only X he will pass will be the x-factor X he received from his Dam.....he can only pass that X to his daughters.

Howelling Corona (or Jasper as we affectionately call him) Has always had a sweet laid back personality...Gelding sweet he raced as a stallion.....and was never a problem to handle on or off the track.

Yet working he is all business and gives you 110% of his effort....he is a pleaser!

From what we are hearing from the mare owners who have foals by him..... they seem laid back nothing phases them, easy to work with, want to please, gorgeous shoulders, short backs, long underlines, tall, nice substance/bone, many of the owners of his foals plan to halter them while young...they are so nice looking.